Empire Series Launch

-- Luscious Lyon, Empire

Empire tells the larger-than-life story of a record mogul and his family. Loosely inspired by King Lear, the show play like a modern Dynasty for the hip hop set.

This design package was used across FOX's launch campaign for the show - on-air promotions, web content and outdoor media. Upon launch, Empire became the top rated new show of the 2015 television season and grew in viewership week after week for it's inaugural season ( a feat which has not occurred since the current Nielsen rating system was introduced).
VP, Broadcast Design: Justin Owens
Design Director: Ian MacRitchie
Lead Designer/Compositor: Dan Pierse
Additional Design Support: Brian Kim

Process & Making Of

Above: My initial pitch styleframes

Choosing to eschew the tired tropes of hip hop fame and riches, I conceived of a macro world of smashing gold records in an abstract space.

From the outset of this project I felt that we would get the best results combining practical footage with CG and post production compositing. We shot practical elements with a Phantom Flex - a high speed camera capable of capturing footage at 5300fps. Pyrotechnics were employed to explode and propel the record shards. We also shot passes of particulate and fragments for compositing later.

This footage was turned over to senior FOX designer Dan Pierse who was tasked with the heavy lifting of bringing the style frames to life. A variety of techniques were used to bring the concept to life. 2D photographic pieces blend seamlessly with 3D hero record shards and the Phantom footage to create the final look.

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