FOX • 2013 Branding

Prologue Films created the initial animation & design for this network package. My role was to expand the scope and usability of that package for use across all network promotion & on-air branding. I personally reformatted all of Prologue’s deliverables into a turn-key design package for the Network and their Affiliates servicing 210 markets.
Additionally I worked to tighten up the consistency FOX’s On-Air identity and marketing - most notably, by standardizing the FOX coda, tune-in messaging and creating custom ‘We Are FOX’ animations.

Branded animations and layouts were established for FOX's coda - affecting all network and promotional touchpoints.

I spearheaded a universal typography system for the network’s tune-in. The resulting toolkit made heavy use of After Effects’ expression scripting to automate layouts.

I created the hero animation for the 'We Are FOX' campaign that was applied across all design packages for the network.