FOX Upfront Presentation • “Building A Network”

During FOX’s 2019 ‘Upfront’ presentation, FOX Entertainment’s CEO Charlie Collier positioned the company as uniquely suited to suceed as an independent studio after much of the company was sold off to Disney.  

I pitched the design solution of ‘building’ the ideal Entertainment company live on stage during FOX’s highest profile sales presentation of the year.  Along with a small team we crafted this custom cue-based animation system to accompany our executive’s speech.  Additonally, we were ‘inspired by’ projection mapping techniques to develop a forced perspective illusion based on the audience viewing angles with the presentation venue, New York’s Beacon Theater.  This perspective trick created the iillusion of additional depth when played on the presentation’s custom screen configuration for the event.

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Thanks to everyone who helped support this vision.
::FOX Credits ::
VP, Broadcast Design: Ian MacRitchie
Design Director: Dan Pierse
Lead Designers: Sabour Amirazodi, Jason Smart,