Gotham • Series Launch


Promax BDA 2015 Global Awards • Gold Award Winner • Total Package Art Direction & Design Using Multiple Media  Promax BDA 2015 North American Awards • Gold Award Winner • Entertainment Program Campaign
Clio Entertainment Award • Bronze Award Winner • Integrated Campaign


--Bruce Wayne, Gotham

Gotham is FOX's Batman prequel series focusing on the early days of Commissoner James Gordan's career. The series is producer by DC Entertaibment and Warner Bros TV. The gritty, urban look of the show is heightened with subtle fantasy overtones to portray Gotham a city-on-the-brink of social collapse. I designed the logo and designed the initial style frames for the design package. further design work, animation and production was added by FOX's in house designers Scott Shassberger, David Miramontes and Dan Pierse.
Design Director: Ian MacRitchie
Lead Designers: Scott Shassberger
Lead Title Designer: Dan Pierce
Additional Design: David Miramontes
Character Spots Lead: Jason Forman

With a launch campaign as large as Gotham's a few spots that broke the mold were inevitable. Here are a few of the notable one-off character spots we created.