Lego Masters • Season 2


After launching FOX’s LEGO Masters using mostly CG imagery, we decided to go practical for season 2! 

Our season one CG logo - itself painstakingly created to be accurate to the physical bricks and LEGO building methods - was translated into a practical prop by master LEGO builder Nathan Sawaya.  We then mounted a shoot with in-camera FX cinematographer Chris Webb - capturing motion control, macro, tabletop and slow motion elements to design with.

After further design exploration and internal R&D, we ended up with a suite of campaign visuals that seamlessly blend practical lego photography with CG, typography and talent photography. 

In A/V

Key Art / OOH



Thanks to the teams who helped support this vision.
::FOX Credits ::
SVP, Visual Innovation Studio: Ian MacRitchie
VP, Broadcast Design: Jesse Hallas
VP, Digital Design: Luis Rosiles-Rivera
Design Director: Dan Pierse
Assoc. Creative Director: Tanner Nilson
Lead Designers: Julie Zack, Daniel Robichaud, Rob Chriqui

::Vendor Credits::
Master LEGO Builder: Nathan Sawaya
Cinematographer: Christopher Webb

Production Company: FX WRX (NYC)
Key Art Agency: Art Machine
Talent Photography: Drew Herrmann